School RP-Join and introduce your OCs!

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School RP-Join and introduce your OCs!

Post  XxFail_BombxX on Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:08 pm

Hello there welcome to my forum! It's completely open to the public! This is my first forum... 8DD So don't ruin it or I'll kill you!

Here are a few ground rules:

*No Bashing other people's OCs

*No fighting and or arguing, Do that over e-mail

*Be kind and have fun

I don't really have a lot of rules... So now that that's over let's beguin!! If you want to join the rp just ask! But first introduce your character. Don't just jump in. With that I'll introduce my OCs for this RP. This is school based so we need teachers. (I'll list open teacher roles at one point) So your OC shoul either be a teacher or a student. Or both you could have two. (Yaoi is allowed and I can hadle Yuri to a extent so I guess that's allowed too.) And btw! To make this more fun! It shall be a drama school! 83 With the most bizarrest classes we can come up with Wink

Name: Manfred Curtis
Age: 14
Favorite subject: Doesn't really have one
Hair: Black, Long pulled back in a low ponytail, Long side bangs
Eyes: Dark black
Height: 5' 8"
Likes: Not a lot
Dislikes: Too much to mention
Manfred is not th most friendly person ever but he's bearable. He barely shows emotion and is always in a serious mood. Well most of the time. Some times he shows a lot of emotion. But it's rare when he does. He doesn't like any of his classes and doesn't really talk to many people. But surprisingly he wants friends. But would never admit to it.

Social Studies:
And I'm going to let other people make up any more wacky classes. It's a drama and arts school so it can be pretty random!! If you want to be one of the teachers tell me! And if you randomly want to bring in another oc, again, please put profile info down before you shove them in! Thank you! Post and Enjoy the RP!))

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